Monday, May 28, 2007

Personal Space :)

"Personal Space" is a word that I had to re-define after I moved here... In America, we enjoy our personal space. When you talk to someone (unless there is a "close talker") - there is around 2 feet or so between you... In America, guys don't really touch other guys (except for the occasional high-five, "manly hug" or handshake... here in this country... guys walk around with their hand over their friend's sholder, walk around holding hands, sitting on each other's laps... and it's totally OK and normal culturally :) (Adam wrote about this about a year ago - it's pretty funny :) Check it out - Adam's 2 Cents)

Take this picture (below) for example.... if this was in America, you would be able to see each individual seat - AND about an inch of space inbetween each person :)

I have really learned about personal space while being on an airplane. If you are sitting on the asile, it's completely normal for a person to come and sit on your arm rest in order to have an hour-long conversation with the person on the other side of the asile... it's not rude, just a different culture... Of course, as an American we feel it is rude :) - but once you learn about the different levels of personal space - then you're good to go! (I also learned, that you can politely ask the guy not to sit there, and he'll usually get up - although sometimes he just shifts his weight to another part of your seat :)

With women, it's a little different... sure, sometimes they might hold your hand... but the "personal space" you have to get used to is a little different... it's more of "all-up-in-your-business-nothing-is-personal" kind of space :) They want to know ALL that is going on with you... if you leave your door unlocked then they will come in whenever they want (even if you are in your bed sleeping :)

Now, this may sound like I'm complaining or venting or dealing with culture shock - but that's definitely not what this is... now, if you asked me about this about a year ago - you might have gotten a different answer - it takes a little getting used to... but once you do... it's really fun :) I've learned how fun it can be :)

For example... check out this picture below - you can't tell me this isn't fun :)
There's always room for one more!!!

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Anthony and Sharon said...

What I've found to be exceptionally great is that women are always close by (really close by) to give your shoulders or back a rub when necessary...

Anthony and Sharon said...

the above was posted by Sharon of "AnthonyandSharon"...just fyi

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! nice!

Deanna said...

Awesome!! Great blog topic. My son often holds hands with his little guy buddies when they go on a walk. I think it's kinda sweet.

allhisblessings said...

I was just thinking about personal space issues yesterday when I was reading some (word). At the supper table when the twelve were all reclining and one of them had his head on Big Js "bosom". It just seems so weird for me as an American to understand that! A man laying his head on another man's chest at the dinner table?? Around these parts, that can only mean one thing.