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Sbarro Pizza!!!!

I know this is not the most exciting blog post I've ever written :) but Sbarro Pizza just opened up here in the Capital and I"m really excited!!!!! I haven't been out of the house in about a week and a half - so until I'm out again (hopefully next week)... my blog posts won't be as exciting :)
BUT this is exciting for me!! I love Sbarro Pizza :) All of the ingredients to make this pizza are from America too, so it actually tastes like Sbarro Pizza (instead of a South Asian version of Sbarro) :) (not that I usually mind the South Asia version of foods, but when I'm nauseous all the time, it's nice to have some comforts from home :) Yeah! for Sbarro!!


SouthAsiaRolls said…
Does anyone have the official pronunciation of this pizza place? That Veggie pizza was AMAZING! With Broccoli! Excellent!
Della said…
Good looking pizza! Good to see a blog what ever it contains. Don't get in a hurry to get out, take care of Jellybean and enjoy your home delivery pizza.
Deanna said…
I'm jealous! All our pizza here definitely tastes like a Euro knockoff. I've been praying for you with your pregnancy - we need a bedrest update before too long. BTW, love the blog - I check it often because it always makes me smile and often makes me laugh out loud. No one seems to enjoy what they do more than you guys. Since my peeps here can be a little gloomy it's quite a breath of fresh air. How about a photo showing just how hot it is there?
Annie said…
Well, that pizza certainly sounds yummy- and the broccoli, way to look out for jellybean way in advance- what a healthy selection!! Nice flip flop plate too!! Thank goodness some things never change :-) Well, actually they do- Rahul now prefers flip flops to any form of footwear!! FINALLY!!!!
SouthAsiaRocks said…
haha! That's awesome :) Go Rahul! I'm so proud!
We actually only have 2 of those flip-flop plates... it's totally inappropriate here to serve food to people on plates with shoes on them :) haha! but we don't mind :)

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