Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where Have We Been??

Hey!! Sorry we've been a little absent lately :) Things have been a little crazy! We leave to go to the states on the 17th... so we've been going crazy doing tons of stuff :) Along with that... or great friends S&S had a baby!!!!!!! We watched their other 2 girls the last couple of days while they were in the hospital having their new baby - Joy!She's quite the cutie and her sisters are so excited to have their new little sister :)
On another note... while trying to "walk the baby out", Susan & I did a little shopping to get ready for our trip to the states :) We went in this shop and this guy decided to show us what this belly dancing scarf looked like on a person - haha!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trip Home :)

So I've been wanting to write this blog for a while, but haven't gotten the chance to. This is all about our last day in Thailand and our flight home (and what happened next)... So.... on our last day in Bangkok we got to meet up with our friends M&M. They were there in Bangkok because they just had a new baby there. We hadn't seen them for 3 years, so it was fun getting to share a meal with them :)Before we left we saw this shop... not quite sure what that's all about...
So our flight home wasn't the best flight... probbly the worst one we've taken with Aashini... We had a bassinette and a bulk-head seat, so that's good (although I hope Aashini doesn't grow any taller in the next month because she could barely fit in it this trip and we REALLY need her to fit in it for the LONG flight to America)... and we were sitting next to the smiliest (sp?) Thai guy we've ever met and he was super nice, so that's fun.... Anyway, Aash had a pretty bad cold, and ended up throwing up her entire bottle (plus some of her dinner) all over Adam and we had nothing to clean it up with (except the blanket that the airline gives you... which isn't very absorbant)... Anyway, that on top of both of us trying to eat and hold her at the same time - it was a pretty crazy flight...

So we get back home, get our luggage, go through customs & passport control and everything went pretty smoothly... then we went outside and paid for our pre-paid taxi. They put all our luggage on top, strapped it on and off we went.... Well, we had gone maybe a mile or so and we were out away from all taxis and public transportation and our car ran out of gas! So, this is a big problem... you see, there aren't many gas stations... and each one is pretty far from another... AND to top it off, the type of gas in the public transportation in the Capital is CNG (natural gas)... so you can't just catch a rickshaw down to get some gas and bring it back to the car... you have to bring the car to the gas....

So, after a few minutes, a rickshaw drove up and started talking to our driver. We couldn't hear what was happening, but after a couple of minutes, our driver got in our car and we started going!!! We were really confused... until we looked behind us and saw this:
I don't know if you can see it, but on the right of the CNG is the rickshaw driver's leg sticking out! He was driving the rickshaw and using it's power to push the car... with his LEG!... through lots of traffic!
So we finally got to a gas station... the only problem was - was that the power was out, so the gas couldn't come out... sooo.... our driver had us get in the rickshaw and ride with him as he pushed the car much further to the next gas station and through a lot heavier traffic!... You can see it a lot better in these pics :)
This picture below cracks me up because you can see all our luggage too :)
Anyway, we eventually got our gas and we were on our way home...
Every day is an adventure :) haha!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So I wanted to do a post on our trip home from BKK today, but ran out of time... but thought I'd put this video up from our vacation... it's just a few seconds long but shows the fun slide... we have an awesome case for our camera that lets it be an underwater camera - super fun :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Aashini is Famous!

Has Aashini already had her 15 Minutes of Fame ?
I got an email from a friend the other day telling me that Aashini's picture with Tim Tebow was on the Sports Illustrated website... so of course I had to go check it out :) When I checked it out, I realized that it was actually linked from another website... Two websites - pretty fun :) So, I posted this pic on my facebook and another friend told me that this pic was also on the Warchant website (FSU's sports website)... So I decided to do a Google Search and see if there were any other websites. I searched "Tim Tebow" & "baby" and came up with over 59,000 links!!!!!

I checked out a bunch of the websites and it really cracked me up... They are calling Aashini - "The Heisman Baby" :) It's pretty funny! Although half of the websites aren't very nice and are really making fun of his Crocs more than anything else, it's pretty funny that Aashini is on so many websites :) Although in a couple of places, the picture has been edited (as seen below)...(If you don't know, that's Bobby Bowden - Florida State's head coach)... Anyway, thought it was funny and thought I should pass it on :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation Part 2 :)

Here are a few more pics from our vacation :) We had a really great time :) There were sooo many coconut trees there and a good amount of cows too - I wasn't really expecting that :) It was funny to me :)
Not too far down the street from our hotel we saw this bed that was made out of tires - pretty crafty!I love these boats! At night you could see them all in the distance - they all had green lights on them.
A few of our friends were also there at the same hotel we were at. It was fun getting to hang out :) Here's a pic of the girls (minus Aashini) :)
Aashini got these sunglasses and the lei from her teachers last week :) She had fun wearing them! She didn't want to take the sunglasses off :) haha!
I love funny signs :)
I thought these palm trees were cool :)
Here are some squid drying out in the sun... There were tons of them - it was crazy!
OK, that's all the pics I"m going to post, but if you want to see more, go to: More Pictures

Thursday, July 10, 2008


We're back from our vacation and here in Bangkok waiting for our flight tonight to head back to South Asia. We vacationed an hour outside of Hua Hin in a city called Prachaubkrikhan (I'm not quite sure how to pronounce that) :) haha! So, the 'Seasoned Travelers' that we are, we decided to try to get there the way the locals go (and pay the local prices)... It worked out good! We took this local bus and paid about $5 each to Hua Hin and then paid for a Tuk Tuk to take us the rest of the way. So, instead of paying over $100 to get there, we paid about $35 - nice hunh? The Tuk Tuk (rickshaw) ride was so nice! Aashini loved it (as seen on her face below) :)
The scenery was rockin! We saw tons of mountains, pineapple plantations and coconut trees! Look how bumpy these mountains are!
One thing that was really weird... we were driving in the middle of nowhere and all you could see were small pinapple plants and other trees - then, all of a sudden - this statue came out of nowhere!! It's HUGE! It was at least 4 stories tall!
I know, another picture of Aashini (and Adam)... she enjoyed the ride and fell right asleep :)
The hotel we stayed at was stinkin' awesome!! It is a family friendly hotel and it's on the beach in the middle of nowhere in a national park area! It was awesome!! I'll write more about everything later, but check out the pic below! They had these great high chairs that Aashini loved and they had a bunch of pools and a really awesome slide!!!!
It wasa great and relaxing vacation...
Did I mention that it was relaxing?....
More to come... :)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Last Few Days in CM

So tomorrow is our last day in Chiang Mai and weve been having a lot of fun :) It's been great to see old friends and meet new friends - it's been awesome! Aashini is such a people person and has loved meeting so many people :)
We got to see our friend's Jacob & Sara, their daughter and their new little baby girl :)
Aashini made a lot of new friends... Here's a pic (below) of Aashini with two of her teachers :) She loved them :)
Aashini had fun with Brooke and really loved her shoes! She seems to gravitate towards pink things - haha!
About a year and a half ago, when Adam and I were walking through the night market in Chiang Mai and spotted Nigel Lythgoe... (if you want to see the post then click: Nigel Lythgoe Spotting)... Then, on this trip we got to meet Tim Tebow (see post below)... and tonight in the night market, we spotted Henry Rollins and Adam took his picture with him... I didn't recognize him and didn't know who he was at first and I actually told Adam to stay away from him because he seemed creepy (which he was) ... so we took a pic and he moved on - haha! I guess famous people like Chaing Mai :)