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Fish Therapy!!!

Have you ever heard of "Fish Therapy"?? My friend Sharon in Southeast Asia wrote about it on her blog about a year ago (click if you want to see her post) and I thought it looked so interesting and I really wanted to try it but we didn't have it here. Well, today during our Sunday afternoon fun time, we went to the mall. We kept seeing advertisements for Fish Therapy so we had to go check it out and at least look at it! We got there and they said I could do a 30 minute session for about $5 so I just had to try it!!
So what is fish therapy?? Basically there are these special fish - Garra Rufa (from Turkey) that are in a big tank. You put your feet in the tank and the fish attack your feet and eat off all the dead skin and calluses! OK, so here's a pic of me when I first put my feet in... it tickled BIG TIME when I first put my feet in!!!!

Then, after a minute it quit tickling and it felt like my feet were kinda tingling...

They went crazy on my feet!! (that's my heel below in case you can't tell) :)
Aashini thought it was awesome! She kept saying "fish! fish! Wa-wa (water) Fish!" The water was at the perfect level and she couldn't reach it :)
Look at those fish!!! I think it's so crazy!!! There were so many fish and they were all going crazy!!! Another couple came to get it done when I was there and the fish didn't go very crazy for their feet! I must have some pretty nasty feet - haha!
This lady came in to get her feet done while I was there. It was funny to see her crack up when they first started :)
OK, one last picture of the fish :) It was so cool!! My feet felt really cool afterwards!! Seriously, my feet have never looked so good! I wear flip-flops all the time, so my feet get pretty beat up, but they were lookin' good! It felt like I had soaked them in peppermint or something afterwards too :) Way cool!!
If you looked at Sharon's blog post you would have see that the place she went was super nice and you sat on cushions in a fancy spa-looking place... well, as you can see from the picture below, the South Asian version wasn't quite so fancy... and it was pretty much out in the middle of the mall! haha! it was hilarious because everyone came up to watch and point and laugh! I loved it! haha!
So, that was my experience with the doctor fish - it was awesome :)


Joy said…
That looks like so much fun! I hope we get one! :)
killakori said…
i love you! -- this is Briana on Kori's account
That's crazy. Looks like that might be painful...I don't know. But I know how bad feet can get when you wear sandals everyday in a 3rd world country!
Roberts said…
1 - way to go South Asia for getting yet another "hip" thing! :)
2 - Hazel says "wa-wa" too...yet another similarity in our girls. (of course it's highly possible that most kids call it wa-wa at this age, but I'll pretend they are special :)
3 - The dress Aash is wearing is one Hazel has too - I think we bought it together at LN last year? Oh the memories!
4 - I love it that they attacked your feet so crazily! I'm still not sure I"d enjoy it that much. Was it as relaxing as a pedicure?
Erin G said…
I would try just about anything once, just for the experience... but those little fishies look like bugs and I think it might wig me out. Pumice, please. :)
Kelley said…
That is awesome. period. You feeling better?
Anonymous said…
George and I saw some of those fish somewhere around here (have no clue where now) and he showed me how it did all that and they attacked his hands like crazy! Glad you enjoyed it!!!!
SouthAsiaRocks said…
I wouldn't say it was relaxing, but it was really fun :) At the end I got a 5 min foot rub and it was nice :)

It wasn't painful :)

I'm feeling a little better!! yay!
Allison's Blog said…
I cannot wait to try this. I'm just scared they'll explode from eating all the dead skin off of my feet...gross!
alicia said…
um...that is sooo wierd! I don' tknow if i should be impressed or grossed out! Sooo strange!
that is awesome! since sharon's post I've been convinced that Fish Therapy is the only thing that will help my feet. they're awful! but I think America's sanitation codes won't allow flesh eating fish. :) I'll just have to come to SA!
DaceeB said…
They have those here in Japan. They all swarmed my feet too and left the Japanese women's feet alone. I feel better knowing that it didn't just happen to me. :)
gloria said…
Thats just crazy. I think I would like that, its like "How do they know?"
alittlewater said…
so interesting! and how funny that's in the middle of a walkway there in the mall! so funny! hope you feel better soon!
Sara Beth said…
That's cool. I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

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