Sunday, July 05, 2009

Chaing Mai!!

We've been in Chaing Mai for the last week or so, and left this afternoon for Bangkok. We head out to Hua Hin area for our vacation tomorrow and we're excited!! The pic above is from our hotel room. Chiang Mai is up North, so there are mountains and it looks really cool ;)
Here's Adam & I goofing off ;)
One thing that is cool about Thailand is there are a lot of breakers. They dance everywhere - and a lot of the times they dance in malls. These guys were dancing in the mall and it was fun to watch :)
They were doing some really crazy moves!!
And just for fun... I thought this little Thai boy was really cute :)

3 COmMeNTs FrOm PeOpLe wHo ROCK!:

Carie said...

I love to watch people break dance too. They do such crazy things it is amazing! Have a safe trip and more great times!!

gloria said...

wow, thats an amazing pix you took of that guy spinning!!!!!!

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

Why don't I ever see pics of people break dancing in malls while I'm in Thailand? HAHA! Is that the little kid from the sandwich shop in the last picture?