Sunday, July 26, 2009

Neighborhood Dance Party

Our upstairs neighbors came over the other day and invited us to a party. It was a party for the people of their P Grp in our neighborhood and was in a temple down the street. It was very entertaining and we had a lot of fun :) They had dancers/performers from a state below us, and it was really fun to watch.
Aashini wasn't so sure about it at first. She was tired and ready for bed when they came over to invite us, and the party didn't even start until 8:00 pm, so she was tired :) It was also pretty warm (you can see her sweaty curls in the pic below)...
... but after a few minutes, she LOVED it and ran all around, played with other kids and watched all the performers.
There was one performer that was pretty interesting. He balanced clay pots on his head while he danced and did tricks. After he performed a trick, he would add another pot to his head. In this picture (below) he is dancing on glass.
This part was weird... he danced around while he pulled a needle and thread through his cheek... ick!
Then he danced on old rusty nails...
This one was very interesting... he walked on fire!
Here he is with all the pots on his head and Aashini watching closely. That guy had to have had a strong neck!
They also did a few fire dances and blew huge balls of fire everywhere. I couldn't get a very good picture of the fire (none of these pics are very good) but in this pic, the guy is about to blow his mouth-full of lighter fluid at this fire and make a huge fireball!
At the end they did more dancing and the men there kept getting up to dance with them. At one point they dragged us up there to dance with them - haha!!
Anyway, it was very interesting and we enjoyed our fun dance party night :)

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alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

Cool! Looks like a South Asian version of the Chinese Acrobat. Great pics but I'm a little disappointed no action shots of you dancing. HAHA!

Dad T. said...

Standing on the nails is pretty impressive. What a great way to mingle with your neighbors.

Roberts said...

That's so cool! I love surprise stuff like that about living there. You don't even look pregnant in that last pic - you are so tiny! Aashini's curls are so cute!

Bri said...

What beautiful and entertaining pictures you always have!

gloria said...

Oh wow, I'm so happy you guys got to see all that, I would have just loved loved it!!!!!!! OUch, doesn't his feet hurt????He must have a lot of calouses. You're right, those pots are heavy, his neck must be incredibly strong!
Aashini's curls are sooo cute!