Friday, March 12, 2010

Funny Things - The Things We See & Read!

I can't take credit for this first picture :) My friend took it, and I just had to post it here - it's just too funny ;) Do you think Tom Cruise gave his endorsement for this restaurant? haha!
The name of this hair salon cracks me up!! "R's Miracle - Beauty & Hair Correction Studio" - haha! I think I would be embarrassed for people to see me walk in there :) haha!
They rebuilt a road here in the Capital that is just a traffic jam mess (AFTER they rebuilt it!)... so now they always have men to man the road. This guy's sign made the smile the other day (it's always nice to smile when you're stuck in traffic :)).
Here's a close-up (sort of ) of his sign :) "Go Swlo!" :)
This was the picture on a box of medicine for one of the kiddos the other day :) It made me laugh :)
This toy in the toy store was funny to me. It's a boy riding on a buffalo while playing the flute... but what's just as funny is the writing that was on the box....
haha! "Deligent Cattle & Lovely Boy" :)
I love funny things!

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Emily said...

So should Aashini be expecting a deligent cattle and lovely boy in her Easter basket?? That is HILARIOUS!!
And I love the Tom Cruise sign. Reminds me of the really old picture of Britney Spears that dentist used over by the old Big Chill.

allhisblessings said...

I love these pictures. I laughed loudly at the Tom Cruise photo, and just what is a "deligent cattle" anyway?

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Emily! I totally forgot abou tthat Britney sign! haha!

Tara - I have no idea :) haha!

Life in Green-Land said...

I really did laugh out loud! So funny!

Sarah White said...

Haha, those are great. I really love the Tom Cruise endorsement. :-) We got Harper a toy similar to the "deligent cattle and lovely boy," but it's a man on a camel playing the guitar. I think teh box said something like "camel superhero and rock musician."