Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Holi Hai!

Sorry for the lack of posting. Adam's mom and her friend Susan were in town, so I haven't had much time to post :)
Holi wasn't as exciting for me this year. Adam was out of town, so I couldn't really do much with two little kids :) Aashini was a little freaked out. Our neighbors came over to "exchange colors" and Aashini wasn't sure what to think and ran and hid! Aashini's comfort "thing" are towels.... not sure why, but I got her a towel and she was happy running around the house and on the balcony with her towel. She had fun throwing water balloons later. It was cute :)
Holi is a funny holiday. It's about the only time when everyone can act like a kid :) It's fun to see women who are usually quiet, throwing powder, dyes and shooting water guns at neighbors :)
There were a lot of performers that came by our house this year. A lot of drummers and dancers. It was fun :)
This picture makes me laugh :)
At one point, I was on my balcony and one of my friends told another guy to throw a water balloon at me... well, he was throwing dye-filled balloons! I dodged one of the balloons, and it flew into the house!!! LUCKILY it didn't pop and just bounced around the house! I found it and threw it back at him (which he totally wasn't expecting :) haha!) It was pretty funny :)
So, while it wasn't that exciting of a Holi, it was still really fun :)

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Christine said...

ha funny, I love these pictures

Emily said...

Ooh, you dodged a bullet with that dud balloon!!

James and Kristie said...

Thanks for the continual updates. Don't apologize for the lack of posts! You do such a great job we feel like we live there with you! Maybe someday we will.


Bri said...

I wrote a blog specifically for you! :)