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Oldest City - Part 1

When my parents were in town we saw some fun "old stuff" :) I love learning about the history of our city. It's such a cool city! It is said that there were 7 old cities of the Capital city. We went to the first city on this day. It's REALLY old! The original fort wall was built in AD 731!!! Crazy hunh? It was expanded later in the 11th century... so, needless to say, it's OLD!! It was so cool to go to because it wasn't like most of the other ruins here that are out in the open and the sun, these were in the jungle (that's what they call it here). It felt like we were in the movie Tomb Raider....
Here's one of the really old mosques. It's so cool! I'm not sure how old this part is, but they wouldn't have built it with a tree right in the front, so it's at least older than that tree... :) I'm going to try to find out more info on it :)
It's cool because throughout all of the old city ruins people still live their lives. This guy was herding a few goats.
Here's another old tomb. It was a really neat area!!!
OK, I have more pics to post from this area, but they'll be in the next post (so the post wouldn't be too long :))


Carrie said…
That is way to awesome!!!! I would LOVE to be able to explore all that!!!
Emily said…
I wanna go there!! You're right - looks very interesting.
Christine said…
These places look so fun!!
Bri said…

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