Monday, April 26, 2010

Oldest City - Part 2

Here's more of the oldest city of the Capital. This part is much newer than some of the other parts I talked about in the last post. In the picture below is the Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb. The mosque was built much later - in 1528 in honor of a sufi saint. It's crazy that I never knew this existed until this past week! I live in such a cool city!!!
As we started to walk towards it, a man told us it was locked up. We were a little sad until he said he had the key and would let us in :) We were so glad he did! When he first let us in, this was the first thing I saw... do you see that big be hive?? Crazy!
They use white marble, black marble and sandstone in this mosque. It looks really neat!
There were a lot of interesting designs and window areas in this mosque.
The outside wall was really neat too.
This is the inside of the mosque.
I love all the old blue tile. It's so neat! It's over 500 years old! crazy!
This is inside the tomb of Jamali Kamali. Some of it is made up of tiles and the other parts are designs made out of plaster and painted.
Here are some of the plaster designs - really cool!
And another picture - I thought it was really neat :)
It was definitely a really neat new area! We'll definitely take another trip back there :)

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Elizabeth said...

Wow! These photos are amazing and that bee hive is crazy!!! It's fun to imagine what these places looked like filled with people once-upon-a-time. :) And it's so fun that you live in such a cool place where you're always discovering new things. It makes the "not so fun" moments of life a bit more bearable, huh?

Bryan said...

Awesome! When we get back you and Adam will have to take us on some tours of the city. I have read a lot about the history of the city but haven't been to many of the sites. The is a really old minaret up by our house across from the entrance to Hindu Rao hospital. It was moved from "M-town".

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Elizabeth - totally!
Bryan - That would be fun - we've found some fun new places! I'd love to see your minaret - I read about it just recently - cool!

Erin G said...

I love that everywhere you go, you run into random people and make friends with them and convince them to do things like use their keys to let you into ancient tombs and mosques. Is it wrong that this kind of thing totally makes me want to fly across the globe and hang out with you? Because it does. For realz.

Emily said...

I love it!! I wanna visit it. You have found a new place to do photo shoots!

Sarah said...

These are awesome pictures! It makes me feel like I'm getting to explore with you (only from an airconditioned room :-D). It's amazing the history that is there. Seeing ruins like that makes me wonder about the people who lived there - what were they worried about, excited about. Sometimes it's difficult for me to relate to such ancient history, but they were people just the same. Awesome post!