Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We are currently in Thailand working on some stuff, so we've had the opportunity to eat some of our favorite foods we can usually only get here :)
The first picture below is especially for my dad :) The things in front are usually called Chinese donuts (from what I've been told). They're basically fried dough that you pour sweetened condensed milk over (that's the part my dad would like) ;) They are so yummy! I have no idea what the round things are called behind the dounts but I love those things (anyone know what they're called?). They have coconut in them but not sure what else :) and then either corn, chives or meat on top.... I like the corn :)
The fruit on the left is the Mangostein (not sure if that's how you spell it). It's so yummy. The fruit on the right is the Rambutan - yum! It's kinda like a Lichee...
I saw this thing for the first time on this trip - never had it before - looks interesting... I'm definitely going to try it this trip :)
More to come... :)

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Bri said...


Anthony and Sharon said...

YUM! Looks like fun!
That last thing in Malay is called like "snake skin" or something. From what I remember it tastes kinda citrus-y but a tad more sour? And I think Mangosteen is spelled with two "ee's":) Have you heard them call it the Queen of Fruits? Definitely sweeter than the King, durian. I still say yuck on that one!

And where are the pics of Mexican food? That's probably #1 on my list of reasons I love Thailand.
You should do a post on 7-11's and their abundance in the land of smiles! HA!

Emily said...

haha You turned Mangosteen into a Jewish name with your spelling! ;) I miss those yummy fruits!!

The Everett Family said...

The Chinese donuts are "you tiao"---or "oil sticks." People here eat them for breakfast. Don't know what the other stuff on the plate is!

I second what Sharon said about Mexican food in Thailand...mmmmmm....