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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

OK, so for the second half of our vacation we took a flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur (KL). When we got to the airport we were met by our cool friends A&S! That was a fun surprise. They picked us up and we spent the day together. They showed us all around KL and took us to some really cool places :)
Our friends took us to this cool m0sque called the Blue M0sque. It was really neat looking and very clean. I had fun taking pictures inside of it.

That afternoon we went together to the awesome huge IKEA store. It was super HUGE - like 3 or 4 stories! We had fun running around and looking at things. We bought some cool ice trays that make the ice in cool shapes - one was in puzzle piece shapes :) We also bought a couple things for the baby :) and then we had some ice cream (yes, the IKEA store sold ice cream... but I think Wal-Mart does too, so I guess it's not that impressive, but it sure was nice!)

Later that night A&S took us to a really cool Firefly colony! This was totally amazing! It's the largest firefly colony in the WORLD! It's awesome! We got on boats and went along the river and saw all the fireflies. They're a little different than the fireflies that I have seen in America. They're small and they blink really fast! It was really cool. It was like looking at crazy-blinking Christmas lights. It was REALLY dark out there and the pictures didn't turn out at all, but maybe the video did... if it did, I'll definitely post it soon :)
The next day our friends A&S had to leave to go out of town, and we went out exploring. The place where we were staying was super-conveniently located next to 2 malls, a Carrfour (like wal-mart) and the train/metro thing. We took the train all over town. The first stop we had to make was at the famous Petronas Towers.
These towers are a famous landmark in Malaysia and if you're in KL you just have to go and see them. They're pretty cool looking.
We took a lot of pics around the towers...

These are for our folks! :)
After we took a bunch of pics, it started raining, so we decided it was a good time for lunch. We went inside the mall and found Chili's - we haven't eaten at Chili's in FOREVER! We got bottomless tortilla chips and salsa and really chowed down! (We had regular meal food too, but the tortilla chips were our fave!!)We had to wait a LONG time to get a non-smoking table, but it was worth it! We had an awesome view! The fountain was putting on a show the whole time we ate (and cut off right as we were leaving).
While we were eating, a class of school kids went by outside. It was really funny because they made the kids hold the shoulders of the kid in front of them... so they were tripping like crazy - it was so funny!
Later on that afternoon we went to the Aquarium. It wasn't very big, but it was really neat. They had TONS of sea turtles there.I met some girls at the aquarium and we hung out while we were there. They were fun :) We took this picture in front of these funny mannequins... They were dressed up like mermaids... it was pretty funny! We did a lot of things and had a lot of fun... During a lot of the trip I wasn't feeling amazing (I was having crazy 'round ligament pain' - one of those pregnancy things that only some people get)... so it didn't feel good to walk around tons.... So, besides the fireflies, our favorite thing we did during the week was actually hanging out at Starbucks - haha! We don't have those here in South Asia, and we had one across the street from where we were staying in KL and we'd go a couple of times a day to chill, have a fun drink and play chess :) It made it a fun and relaxing vacation!


E-Rob said…
I hope someday we can go there - KL looks so nice!! Did you like it better than Penang?
Deanna said…
That looks like it was an awesome trip! Glad you three had so much fun. Although I must admit to being jealous of tortilla chips and salsa.
Annie said…
Well, my question about the mannequins in the background has been answered! Mermaids- I never would have guessed! Sounds like you guys had such a great time- Ikea- well, if you were hanging out with who I think you might have been with- then that's not surprising! I really want to find one around here- we heard that at some of them, they have babysitters!! You just drop off your kids when you go in and when you are done shopping, you go and pick them up! Crazy!!
You look awesome in these pics! Can't wait to see how awesome that little jellybean is!

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