Monday, January 05, 2009

Intern Reunion Fun!

This past weekend we had a Reunion Get Together with some awesome folks (thanks to Christine!). We all worked together as Youth Interns at FBC Tally for a while. It was so great to get together with everyone!! We've been missing you guys and it rocked to see you!!!!
Here is almost everyone that came (give or take a couple of people and a couple of sleeping kids).We took a bunch of silly pictures! Reba (in the black shirt) is preggers in this pic... and the next day I sang Mandy's Baby Come Out song (that is famous in the Captial of South Asia) and she went into labor that night!!! (more on that later)...
Another silly picture - haha! You can't even see my face!
And another... and these are just the ones I posted... I have a bunch more :)
We hung out and ate, went to the park, hung out... and WENT BOWLING!!!
I hadn't bowled in a while and I thought I would be awesome at bowling because I am pretty good at Wii bowling .... well, I didn't do so well... My highest score was 43! haha!
Look at Adam's awesome form!
The next day after some park fun, a few of us met up with Poker (the Youth Min. we worked for) and fam at the usual restrauant :) and of course took a crazy picture (don't ask me what I'm doing - haha!)
It was a great way to end our time in the states :) We head out on Wednesday morning! We'll be back in South Asia on Thursday night! Crazy! Please pray for our LONG flight with a VERY active 14 month old!!

6 COmMeNTs FrOm PeOpLe wHo ROCK!:

Anonymous said...

You guys are so funny! Have a safe flight I will be praying!~~~Carie

Heather Henderson said...

That looks like so much fun. It's awesome that you guys all got to hang out again.

Roberts said...

Ooh for some reason it never clicked with me that Aashini has a long flight ahead of her. We'll pray it all goes smoothly!
I love the goofy pics. What are y'all doing to get your hair like that? I'm assuming it wasn't jumping (since the girl is oh-so-pregnant) but I could be wrong. We were known to jump a bit in our third trimesters! :)

Brandy said...

So fun!!!
fun pics!
What a week for you guys! We'll be praying for your travels and adjustment being "back home."
Of course, we'll be keeping up with you guys!

Erin G said...

man you guys had a lot of interns! My church has, like, two. :)

Life in Green-Land said...

any chance i could get you to sing that song to me in about 10 days?