Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yesterday was a national holiday, which means that no busses were running, and everyone was either home, at the malls or at the parade, so the traffic was light! We thought that it would be a good day to visit our friends Deepak and Sunita because they live pretty far out (and without the traffic, it would be faster to get there :) It took us about an hour to get to their house. We live in such a big city, that we can drive for 3 hours and still be in the same city!!! They live in a village within the city. City villages are very different from Rural / Agriculture Villages. This is what their village looks like:
Their kids had grown so big in the time since we've been gone!! Aashini had a blast playing with them! (look at that crazy happy face she's making! haha!) Here is Deepak (below) with their youngest son.
Sunita had so much fun playing with Aashini and teaching her Hindi words :)
The area where they live is very fun. People spend a lot of time on top of their houses - especially when it's cooler outside so that they can keep warm :)
I thought these kids were cute :)
Here is Aashini with their oldest son. She had a lot of fun playing with him... I'll post more pics of that on the other blog :)

It was a fun day and a fun thing to do on a holiday :)

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Laura said...

Cool pictures. I love the villages in the city! That's one of my favorite parts about living in the big city.

Carie said...

What a fun time, I love village life. It is always a little bit more simple and easy going! Love Aashini's scary smiley face.

Meagan said...

Hey! Small favor to ask. I am teaching an intro to film class to my HS kids, and want to try to cover foreign films the best I can. Can you recommend any good South Asian films I might have access to over here? They could be B-wood or not, just something from that region that HS kids might appreciate (or at least be exposed to...sometimes I wonder if there's any hope for these kids to appreciate anything more involved than "Dumb and Dumber.")
Any suggestions? Thanks!

Roberts said...

I LOVE the face she's making with their family!!

Elizabeth said...

It's hard for me to imagine "every day life" in your part of the world... even with amazing pictures like these to help. So fun! Thanks for sharing!

Carrie said...

Interesting pictures - I learn so much from your pictures!

Anthony and Sharon said...

The crazy happy face is so funny! All the pics are so great, you're a great photographer:)

gloria said...

Thats a very cool village!!!!How did you get there?
Deepaks family is so pretty, the baby is just so adorable too. Its like salt and pepper looking at the 2 of them. I'm glad the weathers cool too!!!Thanks for the cool pix and blog Andrea are amazing!