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Workin' Back In...

Well, as a part of workin' ourselves back into our house and re-adjusting, we stopped by the mall yesterday :) There is only one mall in our area of town (all of the others are about an hour away), and it opened around when Aashini was born, so we didn't have a chance to go to it much before we left. Now there are more stores and more parts of the mall open, so it's exciting :) The main reason we went was to get a baby gate for our 5 (marble) stairs - Aashini things it's fun to climb up and down them... yikes!
In the new part of the mall, there's a new foodcourt!! One of my favorite South Asian Restrauants (Haldiram's) is in there! I got to have my favorite "snack" - a Raj Kachori!
So, I've been cleaning up our bedroom. We had people staying in our flat while we were gone, but we locked up our bedroom. I covered most everything with sheets or towels, but sometimes a little area was uncovered... you can see in teh picture below that this onsie wasn't fully covered :) That's what 5 months of black industrial dust will do to a piece of cloth! Yuck! (don't worry, it washed out :))
We have toy guys go up and down the road selling toys :) Adam saw them the other day and just had to buy Aashini a ball :)
And, just for fun... here's a couple of seconds of Traffic in the Capital :)


Erin G said…
I'm glad you're back home and getting into the swing of things again, with your favorite foods and the oh-so-lovely traffic (speaking of which, Mark and I just stared at the screen completely dumbfounded when your city was on the Amazing Race... is it always like that???)...

I don't think I've ever seen a picture of y'all with Aashini in a stroller - is that something new you just brough back from the states? I'm so used to seeing pictures of you and daddy WEARING her that I had to do a double-take!! :)
Bri said…
you are so cute!
Roberts said…
Mmmm...what I wouldn't give for Haldiram's right now. Did they open up any new fun stores in the mall? That onesie is funny - I am glad you covered up most things!
Erin G - they depicted the city perfectly on The Amazing Race! I'm glad they even had people complaining about the heat. Made me feel like a trooper! :)
gloria said…
wow, was that with the windows closed?
I won't complain about the traffic again here.
Carrie said…
As George said "You can move faster on camel there." I think that sums up my thoughts on your traffice there!!! WOW! on the dust - that is just crazy!!!!

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