Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Last Stuff :)

We're home now... our train ride home was nice and easy :) We sat by the window, so we were able to plug in our laptop and watch movies on our ride home :) It was cool :) We came with 2 bags and left with 4 (not unusual for us :)) It wasn't difficult to get onto the train because there are a bunch of coolies (porters) to help with your luggage and to help get it on the train... BUT when we arrived in our city, we had 2 minutes to get all our heavy bags off the train and ourselves, before the train left again :) But no problem :) We made it out and our taxi, that we had called in advance, was waiting for us :) Nice!! Now, the heat hit us pretty hard, but it was nice to dry out a little bit :)

I decided I'd use this blog to post some last pictures from our mountain trip :) The picture on the left is the picture I promised when we first got there, of our tiny doorways :) Now you can see why I bumped my head so many times :)

We had fun with the tailors there... there were lots of foreigners up there, so they were good at making western clothes :) I got 2 pairs of jeans made and some shirts... Adam had 2 pairs of cargos, a pair of jeans and a nice suit :) It was really cool :) We had dinner with one of the tailors one night :) They were funny :)

One day it was actually clear enough to see the Himalayas :) Cool hunh? (the Himalayas are the white tops peaking out from the top of the green mountians) :)

In one area of the market, there were always these guys that would walk around (or sit around) with these "lunch-box" looking things that said Body Massage... they seemed just a little scary to me :) Waddya think? Anyone up for a body massage from that guy??

This is the road by our house... we walked on that road everyday... It looks cool in this pic... It was foggy like this almost every day :)

I thought this lady was cool :) She was in town from her village on a holiday weekend. She was selling "second-hand" clothes... Goodwill - it was awesome ;)

This is what the market looked like during a "flat part"... as you can see, it's still pretty "slanty" :) Now these were crazy!!! Man-powered Farris Wheels!!! They were cool!! Adam and our friend John got on it and went for a crazy ride!! The guys powering it stand in the middle and walk on the bars to get it going... after a while, they end up almost running across the middle!! It's not your typical farris wheel!! It is super fast!! It's like a roller coaster!! Adam & John were starting to get a little sick... They were going soooo fast... then, after some time, the guys from the middle kind of held on to areas and slowed the farris wheel down... then they started the wheel going the opposite direction!! By the time the ride was done, Adam and John were feeling pretty sick :) It was funny :)

And of course, I can't end a blog without a funny sign (or something like that)... This picture below is from a bottle of hair gel I bought... It was "DOVE" brand. Tell me, does anyone know what SPFTMESS AMDLOGH INESS is?? hmm... do you want to make your hair like that??

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south asia said...

Haha...at first I thought I was all smart and figured out that whoever typed on the gel had their right hand one letter too far over, meaning SPFTMESS = SOFTNESS. However, that would mean the rest of it would be SOFTNESS ANDKIGG UBESS. I'm not as smart as I thought I was afterall. :)