Monday, August 14, 2006

Rain Rain Rain!!

Up here in the mountains, when they say monsoon season - they mean it!!! We have had sooo much rain! When we first got here it was sunny outside and we thought it would rain some, but be sunny a majority of the time :) hahaha When we first got here, this is what it looked like out our front door :
And that night:

BUT... this is what it looks like most days:

It rained for 8 days straight!! And I'm talking about heavy rains!! We even have to walk to class (about a 20 min walk) in the rain (up hill too :) don't I sound like a grandma now :) hahaha Luckily this past weekend we had a break from the rain during the day and we actually got some of our clothes to dry!! whoo hoo!! Everyone lays their clothes anywhere and everywhere in order to try to get them dry :) It's fun!

Everybody has these HUGE golf umbrellas they carry around with them at all times during this season. I bought a fun bright colored one :)
Whoo hoo! We're having fun and learning a lot! It ROCKS!

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south asia said...

Wow you're much more excited about the rain than we are. :) We just got home from vacation yesterday to a flooded house. Not fun. And our bedspread is ruined from mold. It wasn't on the floor or anything, just got too damp in our house. :(