Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Monkeys and Bowlfs

Adam and I are having fun here at language school... they forgot to put us on the schedule this week (seems to be a common problem here... it was us and about 5 other people that were forgotten) - so we've been scrounging (sp?) for classes this week. I've only had a few classes and I have already learned soooo much - it rocks!!

Adam and I got stuck in the middle of a monkey fight today!! It was a little scary!! The dog that lives at our guest house area (the landlord's dog) always comes with us when we leave the house. Today we were going down to the city, and he followed us... we got to a pack of monkeys and he decided to try to chase a small one... well, the big HUGE males all got on the wall and started making these attacking monkey noises (can't really explain it...) and the dog hid behind us!! We were trying to move out of the way, but the dog stayed with us and monkeys didn't get any less mad... then the biggest monkey came and ran after the dog and pushed past me and Adam - it was a little crazy!!

Since we're high up in the mountains, transportation is limited and expensive... so for some businesses and people to get supplies from other places lower on the mountain, they have people carry them on their heads up the mountain!!! In the pic below you can see a guy carrying tons of wood with his head! We saw someone carrying a washer up the mountian the other day - man, talk about a strong neck!!

And I couldn't have a blog without showing you one of the fun signs that I saw today :) Anyone want a food bowlf? hmmm....

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