Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Silly Pictures! :)

This past weekend we decided we were going to have some fun and brave the Cable Car :) Cable Cars themselves aren't necessarily scary, but here they definitley can be :) It was a pretty funny one... we got in and they took us to the top of the mountain it was attached to. It was a pretty cool view. At the top of the mountain were a few shops and restrauants and TONS of places to get your picture made!
We dressed up and took some funny pictures!! I look like a dork :) We had lots of fun! There were a lot of people watching us too... everyone wanted to get their picture with us... I felt like a movie star :) And if you thought I looked funny.... hhahaha - Adam and our friend John posed in this funny style :)

This little girl (below) was getting her picture made before us... the costume was a little too big for her :) It was cute :)

OK, so this picture makes me Laugh!!!! This was one of the cable car operators!! He was just sitting (facing the opposide direction that the cable car was) and just staring... he was so funny!!!

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tolue_aftab said...

Those are some great photos :-)