Sunday, August 06, 2006

Leaches & Spiders Oh My!!!

Well, I had a run-in with a leach and a scary spider yesterday... Yesterday, Adam & I walked down into the market to get some stuff, and before we headed back, we stopped at a coffee shop. While we were drinking our coffee, I felt something funny on my foot... so I looked down and this is what I saw... (viewer discression is advised :)
I know, it's gross looking - It freaked me out! The locals at the coffee shop just looked at it and said "jaunk" (kinda prounced Junk) - which means Leach... and then looked away - as if it was a normal thing :) One of the guys said... oh, it's just a leach, the leach it gone, just wash off your foot when you get home :) haha YUCK!! It's funny because I didn't even feel it! Crazy hunh?
Then, we were out hanging out with some friends last night, and we came back to our cabin and there was a HUGE spider inside!!
Adam tried to get it (while also getting video of it) and he missed it... so the spider crawled inside of the back of the fridge... we pulled it out and looked in the back of it and could see his fangs shining in the flashlight! He had big fangs!! We tried to get him, but he's still in our cabin!! Does anyone know what kind of spider it is? Oh well, maybe we'll find him soon.... :) Whoa!!

3 COmMeNTs FrOm PeOpLe wHo ROCK!:

Kelley said...

oh andrea.... i don't even know what to say

Did you hear the big news in Meerut?

south asia said...

NO we don't have leeches!! Ick! I don't know what I'd do. This looks exactly like our home. Fun! Sorry about the crazy weather you came to. All I can say is, heaters double as a semi-dryer. Put those suckers to use! :) It was fun to get caught up...I still can't read anyone's blogs. We're in C-town at the moment.

MathenyFamily said...

leeches we can handle...but is it necessary to post this horrific 8 legged creature?!!?!? If you'd come visit the cold weather a while, you could have a break from all your little pets.