Sunday, September 24, 2006

In the Capital :)

Adam & I have been here in the capital for the last few days doing some "super-fun-house-hunting"... (that's what I like to call it... even though it's anything but super fun... oh well :)) Anyway, one of our first days here, we met up with Adam's old language helper (Deepansh)... he just recently moved to the capital area... he's been living alone, so he's learned how to cook some and so he invited us over for lunch. He cooked us Dahl and it was really good :) We had fun hanging out with him and catching up :)

The next day, we took the metro!! I was super impressed... it's so nice!! I definitely wasn't expecting it to be so nice :)
We took the metro to the far northern part of the capital. We were potentially looking for housing up there... You can see the areas we were looking at below and you can also see the metro line on the left side of the picture... pretty impressive :)When we first took the metro - it was morning time, but by the time we started back, it was afternoon and MAN it was crazy!!! When we took the metro in Thailand, the people waiting to get on or off knew that the people getting on would stay to the side and the people getting off, would go through the middle... well... it didn't really work that way here :) At one stop we were in the middle of everyone pushing from every direction!! The people behind us were pushing us in and the people inside- that were trying to get out- were pushing us out... In true South Asian fashion... I ended up inside without too many bruises :) It was pretty fun :)
Well, we'll keep you posed on our "super-fun-house-hunting" :) whoo hoo!!

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