Sunday, September 10, 2006

Stitching Class!

OK, so my language helper/friend decided that she needed to learn how to sew. She needs to learn for her perspective mother-in-law and she also wants to be able to design and sew her own clothes... Now, the government has places where people can learn to sew... it is 6 days a week and costs 20 rs. a month (about 50 cents)... so Jaya and I decided to try it out. I figured it would be a great way for me to practice my Hindi... and have some fun while doing it :)

Jaya and I went to the location that was the closest to our house in order to inquire about the Stitching (sewing) Classes. The class was in a small room on the roof of a t'mple near our house. This is a really interesting t'mple... the group that started this t'mple thought it was wrong to w'ship idols. So in this t'mple, there aren't any idols - it's very different from the other t'mples I have seen here.

Well, we walk into the small, hot room and there were about 30 girls in there working on various sewing projects.
There was one older lady that was the teacher that taught all the girls. She told us the things that we needed to bring for class and told us to come tomorrow.
Well, we arrived for our first day of class. Jaya really only wanted to learn how to make a suit (the outfit that we wear daily) but the teacher told us that we needed to start at the beginning in order to really learn how to make it properly. So, we started at the begining... which means we started by making.....
Yes, underwear... Actually it's more like a baby diaper... hahaha :)

In class, everyone just sits on the floor and makes patterns, cuts and everything else :) It's pretty fun, I've really had a lot of chances to practice my hindi - since NOBODY in my class can speak English (except Jaya).
It has definitely been quite an experience. I've made some new friends and reallllly had a lot of opportunities to practice language. :)
And here's the underwear!! My first thing I made in my stitching class (see below) :) I'll keep you posted with the excitement from my class :) haha :)

2 COmMeNTs FrOm PeOpLe wHo ROCK!:

MathenyFamily said...

Well that's a lotlot more than they make here! Enjoy those draws!

Annie said...

watch out victoria's secret! ha! what size are those anyway? are they for a child? you'll have to teach me how to sew the next time we see you!! how fun!