Sunday, September 24, 2006

In the Capital :)

Adam & I have been here in the capital for the last few days doing some "super-fun-house-hunting"... (that's what I like to call it... even though it's anything but super fun... oh well :)) Anyway, one of our first days here, we met up with Adam's old language helper (Deepansh)... he just recently moved to the capital area... he's been living alone, so he's learned how to cook some and so he invited us over for lunch. He cooked us Dahl and it was really good :) We had fun hanging out with him and catching up :)

The next day, we took the metro!! I was super impressed... it's so nice!! I definitely wasn't expecting it to be so nice :)
We took the metro to the far northern part of the capital. We were potentially looking for housing up there... You can see the areas we were looking at below and you can also see the metro line on the left side of the picture... pretty impressive :)When we first took the metro - it was morning time, but by the time we started back, it was afternoon and MAN it was crazy!!! When we took the metro in Thailand, the people waiting to get on or off knew that the people getting on would stay to the side and the people getting off, would go through the middle... well... it didn't really work that way here :) At one stop we were in the middle of everyone pushing from every direction!! The people behind us were pushing us in and the people inside- that were trying to get out- were pushing us out... In true South Asian fashion... I ended up inside without too many bruises :) It was pretty fun :)
Well, we'll keep you posed on our "super-fun-house-hunting" :) whoo hoo!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ahhh the little things....

You know, it really is the little things that can really make your day... for example...

Just the other day, PAPA JOHNS PIZZA opened in a city right outside of the capital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I LOVE pizza and what's more, I LOVE Papa Johns!!! It's my favorite pizza place. As unhealthy as that awesome Garlic-Butter Sauce is - Man! Do I LOVE it!!

OK, so it just happens to be that Papa Johns Pizza is right on the way as we are driving to the capital - AWESOME! Us and our friends stopped to eat there yesterday as we came into the capital!!

It was AWESOME! Now, as you may have noticed, Papa Johns is a little fancier here than it is in the states... it was a whole "sit-down dining experience"... and we didn't just get small containers of that awesome garlic-butter sauce - we got BOWLS of it!!!!!!!!!! Rockon!

It was awesome!! The pizza was great and the sauce was great and it totally made my day... (and in case you haven't noticed, I am writing this blog on an empty stomach... and I'm SUPER hungry right now!!) I could really go for another Papa Johns Pizza.... mmmm.... :)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Adam!

So yesterday was Adam's birthday... Now birthday customs are different here... Instead of your friends throwing you a b-day party and bringing you presents, you are supposed to throw them a party and give them presents and sweets :) (they will also give presents to you too)

Adam wrote a funny blog about birthdays here :) Check it out :)

Well, we went out to eat with some friends and then came home... Sitting by our front door was a present from our landlords... You can see it in the picture below:
You can't really grasp this picture by the picture of it... but in person it's pretty funny :) It's really shiny! I like how at the bottom it says "Have a Nice Day!" hahaha it's awesome :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Stitching Class!

OK, so my language helper/friend decided that she needed to learn how to sew. She needs to learn for her perspective mother-in-law and she also wants to be able to design and sew her own clothes... Now, the government has places where people can learn to sew... it is 6 days a week and costs 20 rs. a month (about 50 cents)... so Jaya and I decided to try it out. I figured it would be a great way for me to practice my Hindi... and have some fun while doing it :)

Jaya and I went to the location that was the closest to our house in order to inquire about the Stitching (sewing) Classes. The class was in a small room on the roof of a t'mple near our house. This is a really interesting t'mple... the group that started this t'mple thought it was wrong to w'ship idols. So in this t'mple, there aren't any idols - it's very different from the other t'mples I have seen here.

Well, we walk into the small, hot room and there were about 30 girls in there working on various sewing projects.
There was one older lady that was the teacher that taught all the girls. She told us the things that we needed to bring for class and told us to come tomorrow.
Well, we arrived for our first day of class. Jaya really only wanted to learn how to make a suit (the outfit that we wear daily) but the teacher told us that we needed to start at the beginning in order to really learn how to make it properly. So, we started at the begining... which means we started by making.....
Yes, underwear... Actually it's more like a baby diaper... hahaha :)

In class, everyone just sits on the floor and makes patterns, cuts and everything else :) It's pretty fun, I've really had a lot of chances to practice my hindi - since NOBODY in my class can speak English (except Jaya).
It has definitely been quite an experience. I've made some new friends and reallllly had a lot of opportunities to practice language. :)
And here's the underwear!! My first thing I made in my stitching class (see below) :) I'll keep you posted with the excitement from my class :) haha :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Ran & Football :)

OK, so it's Monsoon right now... although it's supposed to be over... We, and another couple in our city planned the day before to go to the coffee shop on the other side of town (ours burned down)... the cool thing about this coffee shop is that it has a field of grass behind it... now, you may not think that is super awesome, but when you live in "the plains"... and it's super dry most of the time... grass is a rare commodity. So we planned on bringing frisbees, a football and all sorts of other toys... this area also had some swings.. So needless to say, we were excited about going the next day...

Well, we woke up the next moring and it was POURING RAIN!!! We had been really looking forward to this... (and the other couple has a little girl that was really excited) we decided to go anyway to at least have some coffee...

So what do you do when it's raining and a little girl is really excited about playing on the playground?? You grab an umbrella :)

Well, Adam & Scott started to throw the football back and forth... there were some guys inside that were drinking coffee that were interested to know what the boys were doing outside in the rain... well, the 3 guys decided they wanted to check it out... so they rolled up their pant-legs and walked out in the rain... Well, before long, Adam had taught them how to play American football, and they had a big game going...
As you can see.. they had a BLAST!!
They were soaked!!! Because of the rain, it ended up being even more fun than it would have been... we had a BLAST!

Ends up, the guy in the white shirt below, was ranked top 10 in golf in asia... they were playing football with a celebrity :) Everyone had fun :) (Even the guy in the middle of the pic below with the torn shirt... he just wouldn't smile for the picture :))
It seemed fitting that we played on Saturday...the beginning of football season in America - what a great begining of football season :)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Oh No!!!!

So, our favorite place that we shop is at the PVS mall... It's the only "western-type" place in our whole city... there's nothing anything like it anywhere else near us...there's a store in the mall that is the closest thing we have to Wal-Mart... it has all the basic stuff that we need all in one store!! (so we don't have to go to a million stores :)
Well, one day, while we were up in the mountains we got a TON of phone calls!! Everyone was telling us that there was some kind of short-circuit... and our PVS mall had pretty much burned up.... It was a very sad thing :( Our favorite store is GONE!!! :(
Well, ends up, that the whole mall wasn't damaged... so our two western restrauants (Pizza Hut & McDonalds) might be opening in the next couple of days :) Which would be awesome!! I"ll keep you posted :)
WHile we were up in the mountains, I got an email from my sister telling me that she sent me a postcard from Chicago, but she forgot to put the postage on it... Well, when I got home, guess what was waiting for me??? HER POSTCARD!!! How crazy is that?? hahaha awesome!