Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday Party!

Our friend Deepak's son (Ashish) just turned one. Here in South Asia, first birthdays are a BIG deal! They had a big party for him. Here are some of the cousins (and Aashini) hanging out on teh roof before the party :)This is some of Deepak's family... I'm standing next to Sunita (Deepak's wife) and the other two guys are his brothers. Here is just a random picture of me and Sunita.
Before the Cake & food, they had a P&W time and sang some songs and prayed for Ashish. All of the neighbor kids came to the door and peeked in to see what was going on :) It was cute :)
Look at this cute kid!!
The kids were really waiting for cake time :) All the neighbors all around came in to get a piece of cake and some ice cream :) (Cake is a BIG deal at birthday parties... as well as cutting the cake). Here's Ashish with his cake :) Notice anything a little scary in this picture?? Ashish is holding the knife!! haha! He cut the first slice of cake :) Something they did here that I hadn't noticed before, was that immediately after the candle was blown out, everyone started singing Happy Birthday... we usually sing before blowing out the candle, and it's usually hard to start the song, but when you do it immediately after it's blown out then it's really fun :) Every starts singing LOUDLY at the same time :) haha! AND, after they finished the song, everyone at the party popped all the balloons that were hanging up around the house. It was kinda like fireworks for his birthday :)
Here's Deepak with one year old Ashish!

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Roberts said...

Wait...which one is Aashini in the first picture? ;)

Looks like fun. South Asians really know how to celebrate!

KSA said...

Wow, first birthdays really do seem like a big deal it that part of the world. I just recently found you blog and wanted to let you know how much I love your bright pictures, and introduction to a new culture.

Bri said...

Whatever advice you have we will take!

deep said...

hey where u been for this birthday party is it chavari bazar

gloria said...

Ashish is so cute, he looks much older than 1, maybe its all the hair or maybe him holding the knife?