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Funny Things - Clothing & Boogers

I love finding funny things!! The Ladies underwear business is funny here :) It's usually men who sell it. I was really surprised the first time I walked by a shop and a man said to me: "Ma'am you want panties or bras?"... yeah... so the other day I saw this van selling underwear out of it and it really made me laugh! I mean, don't you always buy your underwear from a man out of a van?... well, maybe it's not that funny, but it made me laugh :)
There's a store in the market that I love to go to. I can usually find some cute cheap clothes for Aashini. They LOVE "branded" things here (brand-name things). At this store, they usually sew a random brand on an outfit or something to make it "more valuable"- it's funny :) The other day they had skirts that had Dora, the Little Mermaid & Bart Simpson on each skirt!! haha!
Anyway, I kept seeing this brand on a few pairs of pants and it made me laugh! Is "Butte Gas" a real brand?? I thought it was funny :)
They are building a house next door to us, so I've been taking a few pictures here and there and I snagged a pic of this guy picking his nose :) haha!
Nose-picking pictures are my favorite! :) I have another one here and my personal favorite one here (and below... I had to post it... it's just so funny!)
OK, that's it for now - hope it at least made you smile :)


Laura said…
I totally saw that same van last week. I kinda laughed and thought, only in SA!
SouthAsiaRocks said…
haha! That's awesome :)
Shannon said…
Ok...that "Butte Gas" that a toilet underneath "Butte"????? Too funny!

Anyone have any ideas how to get a three year old to stop picking her nose? I keep telling her it isn't very lady-like, it's yucky, etc. but that hasn't worked. My great-grandmother was missing half her pointer finger and would always tell my brother and me that a booger bit it off! (but after she died I found out her sister accidentally cut it off with an ax!) So maybe I should tell that story to my 3 year old?!?!?! It worked for my brother and me!
Anonymous said…
Love the "brand names" In Syria there was a store that sold just the tags of the main brands in America, so you could sew it into your own clothes!!! Also in Syria men always sold the under clothes!! So embarrassing!!
Roberts said…
Yes that has to be a toilet! How funny!
Yes, the van is crazy. That is one of those things I wouldn't even notice anymore if I still was there! I love it that you still have an eye for the weird! :)
Erin G said…
man you really do find a way to get a laugh and keep a sense of humor all the time! too funny! I'm picturing you snapping those nose-picking pictures with your fancy camera and then running away sqealing and giggling. And it kind of makes me laugh.

BUTTE GAS??? no, no, no, it's too much!!! :)
allhisblessings said…
The van just makes me laugh. I can barely walk around Target with underwear in my cart, much less go up to a man in a vehicle and ask him what sizes he has in "low rise"!! Ha ha ha ha!!!
Carrie said…
too funny! So I was curious about teh butte gas brand and googled it - came up empty handed - if google didn't have the answer I don't know who would LOL
SouthAsiaRocks said…
Carrie - that is hilarious that you looked it up! haha!

BTW, I think you should have an occasional post of actual rocks in south asia.

...South Asia Rocks #549

SouthAsiaRocks said…
hahaha! Great idea :)
Tara said…
A lingerie van!?? That is FUNNY!!!!!! So, did you buy anything?
Anonymous said…
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