Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Boogers & Moving

Well, tomorrow we "Shift" to the capital (and for those of you that don't understand that, it means: we're moving tomorrow :) ... Ok, I guess it's pretty easy to figuure out... hahaha oh well :) If you tell someone here that you are moving, they get really confused, but if you tell them you are shifting, then they understand... ANYWAY...
I just thought I'd leave M-town by showing another booger-picking picture :) Somehow I always end up catching people picking their nose :) Enjoy :)

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E-Rob said...

This is a super old post, so I don't know if you'll even get this, but I just had to comment. I saw your labels on the left and was curious what a booger post would be! haha! (especially considering the current post was "being nose-y"...oooh bad pun) And when I saw it was about moving to the capital, I figured you were posting about the black boogers here. haha!! Gross. Fun times.