Saturday, October 28, 2006

We've MOVED!!

Well, we've moved to the capital!! It was a pretty crazy last couple of days... We got a chance to say goodbye to everyone and to see all our friends before we left, but it was pretty sad...
One thing that was really funny though is that we had to go to the mall to eat the day before we left because we didn't have any food or anything to cook with... so we decided to go to McDonald's.... well, it wasn't really the best day or idea to go to the mall that day... it was the day after Eid... and for some reason... there were thousands of students (high school and middle school age) were at the mall... I mean, literally thousands of kids!!! Well, McDonalds was PACKED!! and there was only two seats available... they were at the bar looking out of the front of it facing the rest of the mall... I saved the seats while Adam ordered the food... well, I was surrounded by people (these people at the mall were from the other side of town and most have never seen a white person before)... they were poking at me, touching my hair... it was pretty funny... the other people on the other side of the glass were tapping on the glass - I felt like an animal at the zoo!!
ANyway, when we left, everyone followed us out of the mall some guys were bear-hugging onto Adam and wouldn't let go... it was hilarious!!! When we finally got on a rickshaw, I took a picture (above)... it was really funny!!

We got up bright and early on moving day so that we could say bye to the kids that we lived with. They were so cute in their school uniforms :)

We had our stuff all packed up and waited for the moving truck and guys :)

They came and really did all the work!! They were awesome!! It was the easiest move I've had in the last four years!! (and this was the 5th move in the last 4 years!!) (but it wasn't as fun as our Slidell-NewOrleans move - thanks Lance, Judie & Perry!!) We finally got to our new house and got everything moved in... I was exausted and fell alseep inside of the bed :) haha :)

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