Monday, October 02, 2006

New Place

Well, Adam & I have a new place :) We move to the capital at the end of October... It will definitely be a HUGE change... I have a feeling I am going to experience some "reverse culture shock"... Oh well... We will finish this holiday season here in our city before moving... it will be a great way to end things here and transition to the capital :) Here's our new place :) We're the 1st floor (in America we would say the 2nd floor) :) It's the first balcony from the bottom :) That's us... right in the middle :) It's great to be in the middle because the top floor is reallllly hot (like our place now) and the bottom floor has more bug/rodent problems :) So it's fun :)
There's a lot of holidays coming up :) Be ready for some pics ;)

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