Sunday, October 15, 2006

Holiday Season!

Well, it's holiday season here, which means that there are a lot of sweets!! What's interesting is that pretty much all of the sweets are made from some kind of vegetable!! In the picture below, some guys are making a sweet that is special to this area of the country. It's a sweet made almost entirely of pumpkin!!!! It is this weird green/white pumpkin that's cooked in sugar... Adam LOVES it...

Adam and I were out doing some stuff the other day and a guy was making the every popular "toffees". He was really beating this toffee like crazy!

This guy below is making these cake donught-type things (that aren't as sweet) - it's cool to watch! We can get anything fixed here!! If something is broken, then take it to the guy that fixes that thing... for example... Adam's video camera bag's clip broke and it wouldn't clip anymore... soo... we went to the bag repair guy... They sell and repair bags on the side of the road! We had a duffel bag with a huge rip in it not too long ago, and took it to these guys. They fixed it for about 20 cents. So, they sewed a new clip on Adam's bag for about 50 cents. NICE!

As always, when the foreigners (Adam & I) go outside... we always have people watching us trying to figure out what we're doing :)

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allhisblessings said...

Man, I have a pair of sandals that I've been meaning to get fixed for about a year and a half now! I should have just sent them over with you. You probably could get them fixed for a buck by the sandal fixing guy. :)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

The sandal/shoe fixing guy is great! I've visited him a couple of times too... hey, all you have to do is come by for a visit and bring your sandals with you :)
- Andrea