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Diwali is celebrated different ways at different people's houses, but with the family we live with, the morning begins with making a Rangoli... it's a colorful design that is made with either colored sawdust, rice or rice powder.

The design was really neat looking this year:
At night, the family will light diyas all around the rangoli (little clay pots with oil and a wick inside). The photo below is of the family that we live with.

They love to take pictures :)

Shakshi below:

One of the things that the kids (and grown-ups) LOVE about Diwali is lighting firecrackers!! The firecrackers are CRAZY here! You just can't imagine!! There is no such thing as an "illegal firework" here! You know those big HUGE ones that you go to a park to see on the 4th of July in America? Well, everyone in our neighborhood had those... it was crazy!

The thing that really confused me about the fireworks was the packaging... all of the firecrackers in the picture below are illegeal in Florida... they are crazy ones... one of them is a box of these huge exploding bomb fireworks... they are not my favorite... but the thing I found amusing is that the picture on all of the covers of the fireworks boxes had small children on the front...
Here's a close-up of one of them... this is of those bomb things... hmmm... who's in charge of marketing for these companies?....

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