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HaPpY VaLenTinE's DaY!

I thought I would try something fancy this Valentine's Day and make some sugar cookies :)  As I was cooking them, I realized that I haven't blogged much about our kitchen - it's pretty different than American kitchens.  So, this will be the first kitchen post :)
So here is our oven (with our microwave on top that we got from J&K after they left :))  It's a lot smaller than the typical American oven but it heats up very fast!  It does take a while to make cookies though - since the oven only holds about a dozen cookies :)

Aashini LOVES sweets!  (I think she got that from me :))  As I was making the cookies she kept looking at me and saying "cookie, cookie!" over and over (but it sounded more like "kuh ker") :)  Although it's not a great picture, you can see below that Aashini was quite upset when I didn't give her a cookie right away :)
She followed me all around the house chasing after the cookies and pointing and saying "cookie" over and over :)
She eventually got one and LOVED it!

I used some awesome new frosting on the cookies!  I actually split the recipe in half and did half of the cookies vanilla and half maple - it was fun!


3 Cups sifted Confectioner's Sugar
1/2 Cup Butter
1/4 Cup Milk
2 tsp Maple Flavoring

Sift Sugar and set aside.
Melt butter over medium heat until golden brown. Watch it closely so that it doesn't burn.
Add butter to sugar, scraping all the butter into the bowl.
Add milk and maple flavoring. Stir until smooth.
Spread on top of cookies with a knife or spatula!

HaPpY VaLenTinE's DaY!


Haha! It seems Archie and Aashini have some things in common - a love for cookies and pointing and pouting for food they want. (It can get embarrassing if the coveted food is on someone else's plate :) He doesn't quite have her talking skills yet, though. He is limited to the pointing. Your oven looks like mine and cooks about the same amount of cookies. I should try that icing, though. Thanks for the tip!
Erin G said…
you're not kidding when you say that your oven is small - it looks like it's the size of my toaster oven!!

that picture of aashini crying and pointing is SO FUNNY!!
Sara said…
We made cookies the other day too...just wait until Aashini can help make them! (It takes a lot more time!) Right as I was putting them in the oven, Keely was ready to eat them! This morning I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and her response was, "cookie." Looks like something Aashini might possibly say in a year or so! HAHA!
Bri said…
too cute!
Roberts said…
haha I love the picture of her getting upset and wanting a cookie! Hazel does the same thing, but asks, quite maniacally, "Bite?! Bite?!" We could have some fun tea parties (with real kuh-kers) if we got our girls together!
SouthAsiaRocks said…
haha! That would be awesome Emily!
Anonymous said…
This is awesome!! I love making sugar cookies, and frosting them! Is it hard to cook in that oven or is it like a normal oven but just smaller?I like the last picture of you holding the cookies and they are in focus but not you...shows priorities. hahahaha
Arnold and Joy said…
Those cookies make me hungry!
Kara said…
I want some!!! Before the boys left for school today, I promised the boys we would do "some craft" for V-day...they're about to get home and I just saw this! I'm thinking sugar cookies would be a winner, for all of us! Yummers, if I had some maple flavoring I'd try it in the cookies & the frosting, sounds so good.

And that's our microwave! :) We have a "real" oven, although its a mini still and no thermastat at this point. Makes things interesting...

Enjoy the cookies and don't forget to share with Aashini!! At this point with the boys, we pretty much just eat cookies 'till their gone. :)
Kara said…
I'm mean they're....I do know some english. :) We don't eat cookies 'till the boys are "gone", just the cookies!!!

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