Monday, November 01, 2010

The Beach!

I just got back from an awesome retreat to the beach! We all traveled to the South West Coast of our country for some R&R and Fun! The city we went to is quite unique! I didn't get to see much of the city at all. We stayed at our hotel and it was out in the middle of nowhere - so we did some great relaxing! :)
I wasn't expecting much of the beach, but it was really nice!! It was clean, the waves were fun and the weather was perfect!
The beach was FULL of starfish!
The beaches here are definitely different than Florida beaches :) In the pic below you can see guys that work in these little buildings. They sell snacks and drinks and they'll bring them to you at your seat on the beach! Awesome :)
There are people selling things on the beach... selling and sometimes harassing you :)
There are even people selling ice cream! :)
One thing that is very different at the beaches here compared to Florida beaches ....

COWS on the BEACH!!! :)
It cracks me up! :)
The retreat was great! We had an awesome speaker, great group time and some serious pampering! They did pedicures & foot massages, hair cuts, massages and a few other things :)
... they even had a lady there that would do a color analysis on you and tell you which colors looked best on you :) These were Amberley's colors :) She's a Solar Winter :)
They gave us so many gifts too!! Lots of American Chocolate, Bath & Body Works Lotions, Chocolate Chips, Books, Bags, Coffee Mugs, etc! One night they gave us gifts and we did a white elephant gift exchange - it was awesome! At one point I had velveeta and rotel!... but it got stolen by my friend (ouch!) :) They had American candy, cereals, lotions and fun things like that! Awesome!
I also got to meet some really fun new friends that live all over our country! :) It was awesome :)
We had an awesome trip! I am so thankful for the WOC ladies for this retreat! Thanks guys!!! I'm going to post more pictures on Facebook right now, so if you want to see more pictures, check it out! :)

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