Monday, November 29, 2010

Retreat!!! - Trip & Day 1

This past week we went on a retreat up to the mountains!!! It was awesome!!!! There was all sorts of craziness leading up to this retreat, so we weren't sure what to expect, but it was awesome!
It started off with a little normal craziness.... Our paperboy broke our window (again) the morning before we were going to leave. He broke a huge pane this time (the whole door!), so we had to get it repaired before we left. Luckily it worked out with no problems :)
We got to our train with about 10 minutes to spare and were on our way. Luckily some fun people were on the train ride with us and they had their kids with them too! Aashini had a blast hanging out with her new friends :)
Diya even took a nap :)
Aashini decorated her nails with these cool gem stickers :)
We got there that night and got settled into our room. The next morning we got them all bundled up - it was MUCH cooler than the Capital :) Here's Diya hanging out with her bed :)
We got there the night before and were helping with all the logistical stuff like assigning rooms and stuff. Here we are with our good friends Joe & Amberley :) They were the ones in charge of planning the whole retreat! It was hard work but they did awesome!!!
I love elephants :) This one was decorated awesomely :)
Adam and Aashini rode an elephant ;) This was Aashini's 2nd Elephant ride. She doesn't remember her first ride though - she was only 2 months old :)
They had a fun ride :) Lots more retreat stuff to come :) yay!

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Carie said...

That elephant looks awesome!! Sounds like a fun time!

allhisblessings said...

Great shot of that elephant! Looks like fun :)