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Eid Leftovers....

*Caution! This post is a little gross*
So the other day I was out in the Central part of our city with my friend Erin. We had gotten to where we were going and I told the cycle rickshaw to stop. I got out and Erin was just frozen... and she was saying "umm...." Ends up I had told the rickshaw to stop right next to these ladies in the picture below.... This is what I saw... this is NOT what Erin saw....
....Erin saw this (below)....
All of the "leftover" parts from the sacrificed goats from Eid are either given to the poor, or thrown away. The area we were in had a lot of trash dumps and people were taking all the goat parts and sorting them and cleaning them up for their different uses. The ladies in the picture above were squeezing all the excrement out of the intestines (blah!). There were ladies even sitting in the middle of the road (below) working on this stuff.
Here are some people at one of the trash dumps sorting the animal parts (don't look closely if you don't want to be grossed out :)).
This lady was messing with some nasty stuff... stomaches maybe?
But she still had a great smile on her face :)
Holiday season is so interesting! haha!


that's incredible. sure makes me think twice about throwing out certain parts of the turkey this year at thanksgiving.
thanks for these posts!
Carie said…
Wow that just breaks my heart! What a sweet face of that lady in the last picture!
Emily said…
In the picture you said to not look too closely, I couldn't even see anything because there is so much trash in it. And to think they were eating from all that. Breaks my heart, too!
KSA said…
You were a lot nicer to your readers when it comes to posting gross left over Eid lefterovers. I have out right put up pictures of severed heads and feet in the snow for all to see. I did love that one woman's smile.
Joy said…
I totally used this post as a teaching moment for my kids!! They were complaining about what I was going to feed them and I just happen to be reading this post. Perfect timing. We talked about how blessed we are. We also talked about the smile on the ladies face even in the midst of what she was doing! Thank you for had an impact on our family!
SouthAsiaRocks said…
That's awesome!!!

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