Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid-Ul-Adha - Baqri Eid

Today is Eid. There are two Eid holidays but this one is commonly referred to as Baqri Eid (Goat Festival) here in South Asia. The days before the holiday, Muslims will purchase the best domestic animal they can afford for this holiday. In our city it's usually a goat which is why it's called Baqri/Bakri (goat) Eid. On the holiday (which is today) they will sacrifice a goat to remember Abraham's sacrifice. A couple of days ago we took the girls to see the goats (there will be more pics of the girls on the other blog). They are selling them in different parts of the city. Aashini was terrified of them at first but had fun after a few minutes.
Every goat owner marks his goats in a different way so they can tell their goats apart from others since they are all together.
There were lots of people there checking out the goats.
This is one of the guys that was selling goats. He was making a scary serious face most of the time but then started smiling and looked so different!
Lots of goats all stuck together.
This guy was staring at me the whole time... I like his long goatee (get it?.... goat-ee) :)
The road was pretty crowded with all the people buying and selling goats!
It was funny to watch them figure out how the get the goats home after they bought them :) haha! One guy stuck his goat in the back of his car. One guy put a goat in a school bus. When we were leaving one guy was figuring out how to get a goat on his scooter - awesome!
If you want to check out my post from last year - click here - I have a few cool pics from my hospital room (having a baby) of everyone doing their morning prayers on this same holiday last year.

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We have it here too, but mainly all sheep. Great pics!