Monday, November 08, 2010

Diwali :)

We didn't do very much for Diwali this year, just hung out with our neighbors and watched their fireworks :) haha! (that's the cheap way to do it :) haha!)
It looks like Christmas everywhere! Everyone had lights up everywhere. Our flat is the one with the pink lights :)
One house down from us has just been re-built, so they celebrated like crazy this year.
They bought tons of the huge sky firecrackers (like in the pic below). It's funny how anyone can buy those here. In America I think you have to have a permit and an firetruck or something around in order to have that kind of firework :) haha! Anyway, they had a whole show of fireworks!
Our street was crazy this year (usually it's a little boring) :)
Tusshar wasn't expecting this one :) haha!
Adam and I took turns standing on our balcony and being downstairs (because the kiddos were upstairs asleep - yeah, they slept through all the crazy fireworks without even waking up once!!!) Here's a pic of a firework going up in the trees - I thought it was cool! ;)
This firework box lasted FOREVER! It went off for 30 minutes straight!
The next morning our street looked like a battle field! It was a mess! Our porch (way up high!) was covered in papers too! When the big fireworks went off, stuff would rain down on our porch - haha! It was a mess!
The next day it was really polluted! The street sweepers were out later in the morning - look how polluted and dusty it was!!
It wasn't the most exciting Diwali we've had, but we had fun :)

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Emily said...

Better than Hospital Diwali, right?? :)
I am too much of a scaredy cat to have enjoyed the unregulated fireworks show I think!