Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

The city is starting to look a little Christmassy! Every year there seems to be more Christmas stuff out in our city. The malls are crazy-decked out this year!
There are plenty of scary Santa masks!! Aashini doesn't seem to be scared of Santa this year... we'll see when she sees someone dressed up in this mask!
Santa with blue glasses made me laugh :)
The other day I made about 100 no-bake cookies! My friend Erin and I wrapped them up (individually) and put a note on them and gave them out to our friends in another part of the city :)
Here's the finished product! :)

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KSA said...

I love playing Santa and giving out baked goods to all of my local friends. Sadly this year I just haven't had time. Yours look great though, I hope your friends enjoy.

SouthAsiaRocks said...