Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Retreat!!! - Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving in the mountains this year on the retreat! It was great! This picture below is the only family picture we got on the trip :P oops :) haha!
We did a lot of fun Thanksgiving traditional things and some untraditional things :) We had a fun field day! Our team - the Dilli Pickles - did great! We had a lot of fun :) Here's Adam in the races :)
We did Dizzy Bat too... my least favorite! haha! It's soooo fun to watch though :) haha!
Water Balloon Toss!!! We also did a lot of other fun races (like a rice sack race, tug-o-war, crab-crawl races, etc!)
We ended the day with some flag football :) (notice the elephant in the background!)
Go Adam Go!!!
For dinner the hotel knew it was a special holiday for us, so instead of making more yummy South Asian food, they decided to make a "special meal" for us. They were sooo excited to tell us about the special meal. They made us Chinese food and Fish! haha! It was pretty good :)

The folks that came from America to help us out on our retreat brought us fun things - like MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!! We got to roast marshmallows over the fire! whoo hoo!
With Marshmallows they also brought yummy Hershey's Chocolate and Graham Crackers!!! Here's Amberley with her yummy Smore!!!!
Here's Adam eating his! They ran out of Graham Crackers, so he put his marshmallow between two pieces of chocolate - yum!!!
That night they had a huge screen set up by the fire to watch a football game too :) It was a fun and memorable Thanksgiving!

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Emily said...

Awwww looks like SO much fun!! I miss Thanksgiving and Christmas with y'all. :(

SouthAsiaRocks said...

me too!