Friday, December 17, 2010

Funny Things - Random Stuff :)

Just a few random things that have made me smile recently.... This dog was sticking his head out of a rickshaw and it really made me laugh :)
He's probably going to the vet or something like that - but it was so funny to me :)
Saw this shirt the other day :) Wanna go with me to "Slorida?" :)
This made me laugh :) Pecans are VERY hard to get here. They are imported and extremely expensive!... These were the most crazily priced ones I had ever seen though! In the states they are only 99 cents... but here they cost 350 rps! That is about $7.72 for about 20 pecans! CRAZY! (especially when I know it should cost 99 cents - haha!)

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