Sunday, December 26, 2010


We had a great Christmas this year :) This year for Christmas Eve we went to the house of some new friends. They had all the kids in their family and their neighbors over (about 10 kids) and we told the kids (and the parents) the Christmas story (and a few other stories). Many people have started to celebrate Christmas in Capital (by buying gifts for each other and decorating their houses with lights and trees) but most do not know the story of Christmas or why it's important. Here is the Christmas tree at the house we were at on Christmas eve. Notice that the tree is right next to Ganesh (H'ndu god).
Diya had fun playing with the girls afterwards :)
The kiddos got a 2 seater bike for Christmas. It's a funny thing :) They had fun riding around together :)
Even the big kid had fun :)
Later that morning we went to Aashini's school for a yearbook photoshoot (more on that another time) and then later that afternoon we went to a friend's house and all ate together. It was super fuN :)
Here's Joe with his plate of food :) Joe & Amberley moved back to the US today... sad :(
Afterwards we talked, hung out and played a little Guitar Hero :)
Aashini LOVED holding the guitar - she thought she was awesome! Check out this video of her playing - hilarious!!! (the first few seconds are a little uneventful though, so hang on) :)

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