Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Retreat!!! - Day 2

Day 2 of the retreat was the first full day for everyone. We started off the morning by checking out the Langurs munching on rose bushes... they loved them!
Later in the day we had some team time and did a fun team photo scavenger hunt! Here is our team's flag :) We called ourselves the "Dilli Pickles" :)
This was part of the scavenger hunt - someone doing a hand-stand :) Our pregnant team member did the hand stand :) haha! Go Amberley!
We were in a tiger reserve area for the retreat. There were tigers all around. The day before we left to come there was a big article on the front page of the paper about a man-eating tiger on the lose. Two of the people killed were within a kilometer from where we were staying!!! (about a half mile!) and one other was about 6 miles from where we were staying. Crazy hunh? We saw tiger paw prints REALLY close to our resort! This guard (below) had a gun to protect the horses (and people) from the tigers. They found tiger prints next to the horses the day before we came, so they weren't taking any chances. There was an armed guard there 24-7.
Aashini got to go on a horse ride. She did a lot better than the last time she went (when we were in Thailand and she screamed the whole time). She had a great time!! (I think riding with Adam made it more fun for her) :)
She got to ride with her buddies Gracey, Joy and Faith, so that made it even more fun for her!
They rode all around and even went through the water - it was cool!
That night we painted diyas to decorate our tables at Thanksgiving (and for fun). Aashini had a blast!
Everyone made really cool diyas!
The nights were really fun. We got to hang out by the campfire - it was great! The kiddos played games and had tons of glow sticks! It was so fun!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Retreat!!! - Trip & Day 1

This past week we went on a retreat up to the mountains!!! It was awesome!!!! There was all sorts of craziness leading up to this retreat, so we weren't sure what to expect, but it was awesome!
It started off with a little normal craziness.... Our paperboy broke our window (again) the morning before we were going to leave. He broke a huge pane this time (the whole door!), so we had to get it repaired before we left. Luckily it worked out with no problems :)
We got to our train with about 10 minutes to spare and were on our way. Luckily some fun people were on the train ride with us and they had their kids with them too! Aashini had a blast hanging out with her new friends :)
Diya even took a nap :)
Aashini decorated her nails with these cool gem stickers :)
We got there that night and got settled into our room. The next morning we got them all bundled up - it was MUCH cooler than the Capital :) Here's Diya hanging out with her bed :)
We got there the night before and were helping with all the logistical stuff like assigning rooms and stuff. Here we are with our good friends Joe & Amberley :) They were the ones in charge of planning the whole retreat! It was hard work but they did awesome!!!
I love elephants :) This one was decorated awesomely :)
Adam and Aashini rode an elephant ;) This was Aashini's 2nd Elephant ride. She doesn't remember her first ride though - she was only 2 months old :)
They had a fun ride :) Lots more retreat stuff to come :) yay!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Fashion Trends...

So there are definitely some funny fashions here and some very funny fashion trends, but this one is probably my new favorite funny one. Most fashion trends start on the college campuses, and this is one of those.... OK are you ready? This semi-new trend is for guys....
It's "cool" to wear boxers and a T-shirt and walk around in public!!!!!
I'm not kidding... The other day we were at the mall and a man was walking around in bright green frog boxers and a t-shirt... Isn't it a stylish trend? haha!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Eid Leftovers....

*Caution! This post is a little gross*
So the other day I was out in the Central part of our city with my friend Erin. We had gotten to where we were going and I told the cycle rickshaw to stop. I got out and Erin was just frozen... and she was saying "umm...." Ends up I had told the rickshaw to stop right next to these ladies in the picture below.... This is what I saw... this is NOT what Erin saw....
....Erin saw this (below)....
All of the "leftover" parts from the sacrificed goats from Eid are either given to the poor, or thrown away. The area we were in had a lot of trash dumps and people were taking all the goat parts and sorting them and cleaning them up for their different uses. The ladies in the picture above were squeezing all the excrement out of the intestines (blah!). There were ladies even sitting in the middle of the road (below) working on this stuff.
Here are some people at one of the trash dumps sorting the animal parts (don't look closely if you don't want to be grossed out :)).
This lady was messing with some nasty stuff... stomaches maybe?
But she still had a great smile on her face :)
Holiday season is so interesting! haha!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid-Ul-Adha - Baqri Eid

Today is Eid. There are two Eid holidays but this one is commonly referred to as Baqri Eid (Goat Festival) here in South Asia. The days before the holiday, Muslims will purchase the best domestic animal they can afford for this holiday. In our city it's usually a goat which is why it's called Baqri/Bakri (goat) Eid. On the holiday (which is today) they will sacrifice a goat to remember Abraham's sacrifice. A couple of days ago we took the girls to see the goats (there will be more pics of the girls on the other blog). They are selling them in different parts of the city. Aashini was terrified of them at first but had fun after a few minutes.
Every goat owner marks his goats in a different way so they can tell their goats apart from others since they are all together.
There were lots of people there checking out the goats.
This is one of the guys that was selling goats. He was making a scary serious face most of the time but then started smiling and looked so different!
Lots of goats all stuck together.
This guy was staring at me the whole time... I like his long goatee (get it?.... goat-ee) :)
The road was pretty crowded with all the people buying and selling goats!
It was funny to watch them figure out how the get the goats home after they bought them :) haha! One guy stuck his goat in the back of his car. One guy put a goat in a school bus. When we were leaving one guy was figuring out how to get a goat on his scooter - awesome!
If you want to check out my post from last year - click here - I have a few cool pics from my hospital room (having a baby) of everyone doing their morning prayers on this same holiday last year.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Diwali :)

We didn't do very much for Diwali this year, just hung out with our neighbors and watched their fireworks :) haha! (that's the cheap way to do it :) haha!)
It looks like Christmas everywhere! Everyone had lights up everywhere. Our flat is the one with the pink lights :)
One house down from us has just been re-built, so they celebrated like crazy this year.
They bought tons of the huge sky firecrackers (like in the pic below). It's funny how anyone can buy those here. In America I think you have to have a permit and an firetruck or something around in order to have that kind of firework :) haha! Anyway, they had a whole show of fireworks!
Our street was crazy this year (usually it's a little boring) :)
Tusshar wasn't expecting this one :) haha!
Adam and I took turns standing on our balcony and being downstairs (because the kiddos were upstairs asleep - yeah, they slept through all the crazy fireworks without even waking up once!!!) Here's a pic of a firework going up in the trees - I thought it was cool! ;)
This firework box lasted FOREVER! It went off for 30 minutes straight!
The next morning our street looked like a battle field! It was a mess! Our porch (way up high!) was covered in papers too! When the big fireworks went off, stuff would rain down on our porch - haha! It was a mess!
The next day it was really polluted! The street sweepers were out later in the morning - look how polluted and dusty it was!!
It wasn't the most exciting Diwali we've had, but we had fun :)

Monday, November 01, 2010

The Beach!

I just got back from an awesome retreat to the beach! We all traveled to the South West Coast of our country for some R&R and Fun! The city we went to is quite unique! I didn't get to see much of the city at all. We stayed at our hotel and it was out in the middle of nowhere - so we did some great relaxing! :)
I wasn't expecting much of the beach, but it was really nice!! It was clean, the waves were fun and the weather was perfect!
The beach was FULL of starfish!
The beaches here are definitely different than Florida beaches :) In the pic below you can see guys that work in these little buildings. They sell snacks and drinks and they'll bring them to you at your seat on the beach! Awesome :)
There are people selling things on the beach... selling and sometimes harassing you :)
There are even people selling ice cream! :)
One thing that is very different at the beaches here compared to Florida beaches ....

COWS on the BEACH!!! :)
It cracks me up! :)
The retreat was great! We had an awesome speaker, great group time and some serious pampering! They did pedicures & foot massages, hair cuts, massages and a few other things :)
... they even had a lady there that would do a color analysis on you and tell you which colors looked best on you :) These were Amberley's colors :) She's a Solar Winter :)
They gave us so many gifts too!! Lots of American Chocolate, Bath & Body Works Lotions, Chocolate Chips, Books, Bags, Coffee Mugs, etc! One night they gave us gifts and we did a white elephant gift exchange - it was awesome! At one point I had velveeta and rotel!... but it got stolen by my friend (ouch!) :) They had American candy, cereals, lotions and fun things like that! Awesome!
I also got to meet some really fun new friends that live all over our country! :) It was awesome :)
We had an awesome trip! I am so thankful for the WOC ladies for this retreat! Thanks guys!!! I'm going to post more pictures on Facebook right now, so if you want to see more pictures, check it out! :)