Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Kerala - Beach Time!

 We spent most of our time in the city of Kovlum.  It was a GREAT vacation spot!!! It was beautiful and relaxing!  It was a definite beach town!  We really loved it and plan on going back sometime!!

One of our favorite restaurants was "Area 51" :)  We ate there a couple of times ;)
 Adam & Keith :)
 I saw these guys walking down the street one day... it kinda cracked me up to see 3 guys in matching suits walking down the street in a very beachy area :) haha!  After leaving Area 51 it made me think of Men in Black :)
 We stayed at this AWESOME resort!!  It had 3 pools... We actually never swam in this one but it's the only one I got a pic of :) haha!  I have pics of us IN the other pool though (more pics to come).  This pool had a restaurant in it... you could eat in the pool! (you can see the chefs in the little hut connected to the pool)... The resort was really great! 
 This was the beach!  It was really interesting!!!  The orange sand was very different.  I've never seen an orange sand beach before :)  
 The beaches were divided into different coves.  It wasn't one long beach, but a cove.  It was cool!  Here's my rockin' friend Carie :)
 This is at Area 51 ... you can see the stuff on the wall :)  
 It was fun to hang out with our fun friends ;)
 Keith got this Kerala Fried Chicken
 One beach over from ours was a public beach - it was a totally different atmosphere! haha!   Look at all the people!!! :)
 On our last night at the hotel, the hotel put on a show with some Keralan dancers.
 It was fun to watch them do kathak dancing!  

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Carie said...

We had so much fun!! It was a great place! Let's go back some time!!

Emily said...

Such a cool vacation spot!