Friday, November 18, 2011

Shave Ice!!

We have a small mall that has opened up in the last 6 months near our house.  It's not full of shops yet (only about 10 stores or so are open) but it has a good mini-wal-mart-like-store and a play area for the kids!   It also has.... Sno Cones (or Shave Ice, Shaved Ice, Snow Cones, etc) :)
They are so fun!!!  You can find snow cone type things all over the city, but it's usually made with unfiltered water.... this is made with filtered water! whoo hoo!
 It's the little things.... :)

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KSA said...

It really is the little things... but i would say that clean water snow cones is a pretty big deal. I have got sick far to many time eating shaved ice that wasn't so great!

Bri said...


allhisblessings said...

Oh I get it! I would have paid big money for one of those while I was in China.

Carie said...

Totally it is the little things in life like filtered water!! Even better than that....snow coned made with filtered water!!! AWESOME!!!