Monday, November 21, 2011

Veggies & Fruit :)

I bought some of these off this cart the other day... When we first got here, I saw them all around (especially this time of year) and had no idea what they were... Now, I buy them all the time - they're a great snack and fun to cook with... Do you know what they are???....
 Water Chestnuts!!!!  It's popularly known as the "Water Fruit" here.  They are those fun white, sliced circle shaped things that are in a stir fry and other dishes :)  Anyway, I had no idea this is what they looked like in their "original" form :) haha!  
 This is another fruit that I really like... It's bit of a pain to eat, but it's yummy!  This is a Custard Apple!  It's super sweet but has lots of big annoying black seeds haha!  It's really good though and full of Vitamin C :)  (you can tell how sweet it is... if you look closely you can see the bees on it!).

2 COmMeNTs FrOm PeOpLe wHo ROCK!:

Carie said...

I had no idea that is what a water chestnut looked like! That is so bizarre!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

I know right!?