Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Lighthouse

 Lighthouse Beach is called that because it has a lighthouse on it :) haha!  Here is the lighthouse on the beach :)
 We were told you could climb to the top of the lighthouse, so we walked up the hill to see it... There was this door (below) that we walked through to get up... (when we went to walk down, that door was locked and we had to figure out another way to get down - haha!)...
 At the lighthouse there was a little playground :)  My girls (especially Diya) LOVE to swing, so they had a great time :)
 We decided to climb to the top of the lighthouse... There was a long spiral staircase to get up to the top.
 The view on the way up was really great!
 There were windows on the way up where you could look out - it was so neat!
 Awesome view of Lighthouse Beach!
 The view from the window - cool hunh?
 Out one side you could see a small peninsula.  It had these 2 mosques at the end of it.  They had calls to prayer that were super loud and you could hear them from REALLY far away!
 When you got to the top of the stairs you then had to climb up a steep ladder to get to the top.  Here are Adam and Diya at the top :)
 Here are Aashini & I.... Let me just say that going to the top of a TALL tower that you could totally fall off of was NOT the best thing for a mom to do just 2 days after Diya fell off the balcony.... Can you see the death grip I have on Aashini's wrist... not to mention the look on my face? haha!!
 GREAT views of the beach - so neat!
 It was super windy at the top and the view was so awesome!
 Here is the lighthouse at night... it's a working lighthouse - so cool!

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Emily said...

You are SO good at photography!! I want your skills. :)

Brandy said...

Andrea!!!!! I love this! You make me want to plan a vaca to Kerala so soon! Awesome pics and that looks like such a fun place! Even Sarala was looking today at the post I had up and told me she wants to go there! It was also fun to talk about your girls and her remember them. We'll have to have some more fun times while waiting on #5!

Kelley C said...

And you are wearing a Mr Potato Head shirt! Love it.