Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Lighthouse Beach Fun!

After staying at the resort we moved to Lighthouse Beach.  This was a black sand beach - it was so neat!!   One of our new friends lives in that area so he and Adam went surfing!
 The water was AWESOME!  The temperature was great and it was so clear!  You can see how clear it is in the pic below... you can see the surfer duck-diving under a wave - so cool! :)

Chili peppers and lemons on the beach...
 This is Lighthouse Beach.  It's a small crescent shaped beach that I loved!
 Here's a nice little man that was selling stuff on the beach :)
 This lady was selling fruit... it was fun to get fresh fruit on the beach :)
 This beach had a lot of damage from the Tsunami of 2004, but it is all fixed up now!
 I had a Lemon Lassi - it was super tart but really good!!!
 ... a guy selling drums on the beach... that's a normal thing to sell on the beach right? :)
 This is how many of the locals took to the beach... in traditional clothes :)
 I think the black sand is so cool!!  The area where the waves hit was tan/red sand but if you dug under it (just an inch or so) it was black - it was so cool!  The black sand really sparkled too!  It was SUPER HOT in the sun though - OUCH!  You had to wear your shoes on the beach when it turned about noon - HOT!
 The restaurants on the beach were awesome!  It was so fun to sit and look at the water while you ate!  Fun!
 This guy was cracking me up... I think he was wearing a dhoti... but it just didn't look right! :)
... another view of the beach :)
It was really beautiful!  We loved it!
Here is a full view of Lighthouse Beach.  The beach past Lighthouse beach is the public beach I posted a picture of a few days ago.  There is a bib piece of land that sticks out and past that is the beach where we were at when we were at the resort...  All the other beaches are red sand but Lighthouse was black sand... pretty interesting...
These guys were coming back from getting mollusks.     
This is an area where they get lots of mollusks in the mornings.  It's so pretty! :)
We never ate here, but definitely wanted to take a picture here :)
The beach ROCKED!

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Emily said...

The black sand is very interesting - why is it black? Those are beautiful pictures. So not what I pictured Kerala to look like!

Snowdingo Aus said...

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