Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Chawk!

A while back, Adam and I were in "the chawk" in the Old part of our city. I took a bunch of pics and never posted them... so I'm going to do it today :) My favorite part of "the chawk" is the spice market!! It is sooo cool! I think I sneezed a million times while we were there! They sell spices and nuts & fruits... here's a pic below of a cool guy selling some nuts :)
Here's some kids (below) on their way to school on the rickshaw! It's amazing how many people you can fit on one cycle rickshaw! But hey, it's more fun with a bunch of people (right B&L?)
I LOVE to take pics of people... this lady and her kid were really cute... so I had to take their pic :)
These kids were cute too (and the guy behid them was pretty cool too) :)
These guys (below) were taking a chai break in a really congested gully.
Again... I really like to take people pics... so I thought I'd include this one too :) These guys were taking a chai-less break.
In the middle of this busy congested market is a really old M0sque area. Here's a pic from it...
And another pic...
It's amazing how people can sleep anywhere! Check out the guys in this pic (below)... they are sleeping on those bags! It's amazing!

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~April Joy~ said...

HEY! great pics! i'm coming to your town next week- yay! maybe we can hang out!