Monday, March 26, 2007

Battle of the Bands!!

We went to a 'Battle of the Bands' last night with our friend Mayank. His pharmacy school was having a 4 day celebration called Rx 2007 that ended with a 'Battle of the Bands'. We went to some of the other events too - they did all sorts of skits and things. It was awesome!
They had "bouncers" that took care of crowd control but they called them "THE DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE" - that cracked me up! The discipline committee watched the crowd and if someone stood up for more than a few seconds, then about five of them would run over to the person and tell them to sit... At one point, they kicked all of the guys out of their seats and put the girls in the front on one side... that was pretty funny!
The bands were AWESOME at singing ethnic music, but they were AWEFUL at most of the English songs they sang! It was hilarious! One band tried singing a "Linkin Park" song, and the singer finished the song WAY before the band did... :)
We sat and watched all of the performances for about 5+ hours. I have to say that it was pretty fun! Some of the bands didn't have a bass player and I really wanted to run up there and grab a bass and play along! It was lots of fun :) Whoo hoo! Go Band #2!!

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E-Rob said...

haha! the Disciple Committee sounds hilarious. Do you play the bass? I didn't know that. Cool - the things we get to do here. :)
P.S. Can you email me your Veg Dumpling recipe? I crave it like every day! :)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

yeah I play the bass :) I didn't bring it here with me and I was definitely missing it last night!
I just sent you the recipe :) Thanks :)

Annie said...

So, was this as good as American Idol?!