Monday, March 12, 2007

Fish Market!

Well, this may not be the most exciting post I've ever done, but the other day we were walking around and stumbled on a big FISH MARKET! Now, you may be thinking - ok, so what's the big deal... well, first off, there are very few meat markets in our area of the Capitol... not much demand for them... and second of all... we aren't really near any big bodies of water (and definitely not near a water source I would want to get fish from)...
Anyway... this market was interesting because of two things... one - the fish... and two - it was all in another language!! It wasn't in Hindi, but a language from the East of our country! It's like we stepped into another country... well... maybe not, but it was still cool :)
There were fish scales all over the ground and fish parts everywhere! It was really different to see :) Anyway, just thought I'd tell you about the fun festive fish market :)

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