Thursday, March 15, 2007

Funny Things Again :)

OK... so another blog of "funny things"... some things that are hilarious to me... may not be as funny to you... but I hope you enjoy anyway :)

Our rickshaw driver the other day had a cool Mullet! Whoo hoo!

This guy has cool shoes!
Anyone can SAY that they're selling you a waterproof watch... but can they prove it? These guys were showing off their waterproof watches by keeping them submerged in a kiddie pool - that's a pretty good idea... but since I've seen this one, I've seen many other people doing it... so I guess it's not as creative as I thought it was... but still kinda funny :)
You gotta love the kid walking around with their cup of milk - charming people with their milk mustashe! And last... but definitely not least.... (this one is actually funny)...
I went to the bathroom the other day and looked at the water faucet inside... the brand of the water faucet was.... NIKE! hahaha!

4 COmMeNTs FrOm PeOpLe wHo ROCK!:

Kelley said...

I have never noticed the guys selling watches with the kiddie pool. Awesome.

Jonathan said...

Just do it!

Kara said...

The watches in the pool idea hasn't made it to Hyderabad. That is so funny! I cracked up with the guy with the cool shoes. You have some great pictures.

TheNewKidd said...

I am pretty sure I have a similar picture of a mullet on my auto driver! It is prolly the same guy!